Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Deciding when it is Time Send Records Off Site

If there is one thing every lawyer has plenty of, it’s paper: motions, pleadings, contracts, invoices, letters and other documents, either gathering dust in banker’s boxes or filling up file cabinets.

The problem can be especially acute for solos, since solo practitioners typically have finite space for files — both in their offices and on their computers.
The obvious solution is to get rid of some of those documents. But which ones, and when?
Apart from the general rules regarding the safekeeping of client property, the American Bar Association has rules regarding retention of records for attorneys. But such entities do offer guidelines, such as keeping copies of all files for at least 10 years to protect against potential malpractice claims.
It’s not necessary to hang on to records for on site for 10 years. Send them to Elmwood Records Management

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